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  Recent News @ RRPG
| 25th July 2013|
Class Commencement of B.Tech (II,III,IV) year

| 16th August 2013|
:: Class Commencement of B.Tech I Year .

| 14th-15th September 2013|
:: Workshop on Cyber Security by Cybercure Tech,Noida

|20 September |
Expert Lecture on Automobile Engineering

|Admission Helpline|
:: 9792954333,9450807159,8765534706

|Job Fair 2013|

:: Multi Industry Job Fair with 21 Esteemed Recruiters .


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Corporate Connect Program By Advait Life Education Pvt. Ltd.,New Delhi
:: Expert Lecture on VLSI for EC Students by Mr. Tarun Gupta
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The vision of the college is to provide good quality affordable education through qualitative teaching, research, On line library, Internet, standard sports, innovation and good infrastructure. In the next five years college wants to be acknowledged as an Autonomous College and a Center of Excellence by U.G.C.. It wants to be accreditated A+ by NAAC (National Accreditation & Assessment Council Bangalore and it wishes to be a study center of IGNOU and initiate job oriented courses in different sectors. It desires to be known as one of the best colleges in the university and state through good result, discipline, performance in competitive exams, personality development programs, and academic and extra curricular activities. The college wants to upgrade the knowledge and skills among students and faculty through training programs. It aims to enhance research activities through enrolment in Ph.D., publication of research papers and journals. This college has been a leading institution in the area and it desires to maintain its lead by attracting maximum number of students and by community services and motivation.

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